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All in the family.

One of the first things that people notice about car2go is that each and every car2go is a smart. But did you know that smart and car2go are both members of the Daimler family of brands?

For over 100 years, Daimler has been the leader in automotive innovation and safety with brands like Mercedes-Benz. We’re happy to share that Daimler is also on the forefront of the carsharing revolution as car2go continues to grow and expand.

smart, wherever you go.

With car2go, smart owners now have access to the same smart products they know and love in over 10 different cities in the US and Canada. And car2go members have plenty of experience with the smart, which they can recommend to friends and family in search of a car in cities without car2go.

Take for example Jack K., the owner of a 2010 smart Cabriolet who lives in Boston. Jack frequently travels to the West Coast for business and spends time in Portland and Seattle. As a smart owner and car2go member, Jack can now navigate both cities just as he would at home, without having to worry about finding transportation or adjusting to an unfamiliar rental car. With car2go, Jack has the option to move around his second cities with freedom and peace of mind.

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